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A main characteristic of Miraflores is that there are a lot of parks and green areas. Miraflores has about thirteen (13) square meters of green area for each neighbor in Miraflores, exceeding the limit demanded by the OMS, which is of ten (10) square meters and raising in this way the standard of living of its neighbors. The parks are implacably maintained, which allows us to see them always green and full of flowers. So, Miraflores is known as an Ecological and Healthy City. Below we will mention some of them.



Central Park

It is formed by 7th June Park and Kennedy Park, it has an area of 25,000 m2. It can be rated as the symbol of Miraflores. It is its distinctive space and, probably, the most eloquent sign of notable combination of modernity, nature and hospitality that the district gives to its neighbors and to the thousands of visitors that arrive every day to the city. Miraflores has gained by its own merit a position of preference and represents the life in the capital city. It is a symbol city of social, cultural and urban development of the Great Lima. .

The Central Park has a small round square in the middle with benches. During the day it is a place for public rest, and in the afternoons it is used by the handicrafts vendors. A good combination to link by the way the commercial sense with entertainment. .



7th June Park

It has this name in honor to the Flag National Day. It has a roundabout for the public and with the Chabuca Granda Amphitheater that host several cultural shows. This spot especially has become in an obliged place of public convergence greedy for art and culture. In this way, a concept of open cultural center has been developed, that encourages the social dynamics and has become in an urban space full of life and rich in activities, scenery of art and recreation.

El Pasaje de los Pintores The Passage of the Painters needs to be treated separately. There you can see several works made by Peruvian painters of different artistic techniques, whose expositions and permanent sales are a tourist attraction. Another tradition is to enjoy the delicious desserts from Lima found on very attractive stands. and well fitted out inside the park

reducto 2


Reducto No. 2 Park

Place where heroic Peruvians, of different ages and conditions, gave their lives in defense of the city on January 15, 1881. This scenery of the War of the Pacific, has been declared National Monument and turned into an altar to the Country.

In the park it was built a replica of the old train station of Miraflores, that now houses the Andres Avelino Caceres Museum. This station was part of the train that joined Lima with Chorrillos, built by the Presidente Manuel Candamo. The station was demolished to make the way to the current express way. The Museum took the form of the old station and is built with red bricks and roof at two waters. It acquires more realism with the presence of the locomotive of 52 tons of 1929 and a passenger wagon with its respective rails. The machine, provided by Enafer Peru, was transported from Cuzco. In the Andres Avelino Caceres Museum armaments, pictures, uniforms and mock-ups related to the Battle of Miraflores are on display.

Every Sundays it is held the ceremony of raising the National Flag by important figures and institutions invited from the district and the capital city.



Park of Love

Opened on February 14, 1993, presents in the middle the sculpture “The Kiss”, from the Peruvian sculptor Víctor Delfín. The park shows colorful walls made with mosaics of different sizes where you can read poems and phrases regarding love. The gardens have heart designs, while the sun and the stars are made with the flowers of different colors.

The main way goes through the park and leads to a viewpoint located at the edge of the cliff, that allows a panoramic view of all the coastal. This park is often visited on weekends by couples just married who go to take pictures.



Salazar Park

Located at the end of the Larco Avenue, on the corner of Malecon de la Reserva and Armendariz Avenue. It was created as an homage from the community of Miraflores to the memory of the Air Force Second Lieutenant Alfredo Salazar Southwell, who offered his life on September 14th, 1937 when he avoided his plane on fire to crash in the center of the city, preferring to fall into an uninhabited area in Miraflores.

On September 14th, 1953, it was opened in his honor the work of the Hungarian-Dutch sculptor Lajos D’ebernth. This monument represents The Immortality, captured in the image of an eagle, bird linked to the native culture that suggests, moreover, the conscious direction of the flight.

Park of the Children

This park was created as product of the original project in which seven and ten years old children participated giving their opinions about what they considered would be the park of their dreams. It is located by block 10 of Malecon Cisneros, next to the Park Yitzak Rabin. Its area is about 1,500 m2 and it has a great platform In the form of a bow and three entrances: a toboggan in the form of a dragon, a viewpoint, ladders, a labyrinth of plant, a ludic font, a lighthouse, waiting area for parents, zone for bicycles parking and space for pets.

parque raimondi

Raimondi Park

Located on Malecon Cisneros, over the cliffs that form the Green Coast and erected in honor to the Italian researcher Antonio Raimondi. It is divided harmoniously in sidewalks, viewpoints and cycle Paths. It has a total area of 28,000 m2 of green areas, with great emphasis in the landscape aspect, rescuing nature and the use of sustainable species that require little water for maintenance.


Maria Reiche Park

It is a park made in homage of the German studious María Reiche and was opened in July 1998. In the park you can see replicas of the lines of Nazca, with the images of the spider, the monkey, the hummingbird and the Fragata bird. These images are made on the grass and delimited with flowers of different colors. At night they are lighted and give a different view of the park.

parque isac rabin

Yitzhak Rabin Park

Opened in 1998, in honor of the Israeli leader who fought during all his life to achieve the peace in the Middle East. Nobel Prize for Peace. Yitzhak Rabin passed to history as a leader and a statesman who worked in an unshakable way for the peace. The flowers of this park represent a big star of David.

parque tradiciones

Tradiciones Park

Built in homage to the distinguished traditionalist Don Ricardo Palma, who was born on February 7th, 1833 on Puno Street, Lima. He lived in two opportunities in Miraflores, from 1878 to 1881 and then from 1912 to 1919. He spent the last years of his life in a typical ranch of the era located at 189 General Suarez Street. He died on October 6th, 1919. This beautiful park has about 9000 m2 of green areas, beautiful jacarandas, robelini palm trees and flowers of the season. Besides the games for children and fountains of water an sculpture natural size of Don Ricardo Palma sitting on a bench reading stands out. This sculpture was made by the Peruvian sculptor Nani Cardenas.


Domodossola Park

Situated on The Malecon Armendariz, behind the Virgen de Fatima Church, takes the name in Italy whereJorge Chávez died on September 23, 1910.In the middle you can see the sculpture of an eagle that according to sayings, it can look face to face at the sun, at noon, that represents audacity and will of flight.

Other Parks

Aviacion Park
Bonilla Park
Federico Blume Park
Lord Baden Powell Park
Naciones Unidas Park
Correa Elias Barrenechea Park
Juana Alarco de Dammert Park
Mercedes Cabello de Carbonera Park
Meliton Porras Park
Sabogal Park
Gonzales Prada Park
Julio Ramon Ribeyro Park
Ovalo Gutierrez Park

Download Pdf with Maps of Miraflores and Lima